So I survived the 5k. LOL It was exhausting but fun. The course had way more hills than my practice track. I need to work on hills more as they almost killed me.

I finished around 990th out of about 1500. Not exactly sure as not all the finishers had come in when I printed my slip. I could have reprinted it after everyone finished but I didn’t care so much about placement. For me, this was all about finishing.

Here are some pics from the day.

Starting out first thing that morning.


This one was waiting to line up. You can see the start line behind me.


This one is in line to start. I am facing backwards so you can see all the people ahead of me in line. I was way towards the back.

These two are on the track. My friend, Cymber, was running backwards ahead of me trying to play photographer. It didn’t work very well so I finally just stopped.

These are after the race. My number, printed finish sheet, medal, and a picture with the fabulous Cymber who was my coach, cheerleader, and personal photographer for this.

Will I do another one? I am actually thinking about it. LOL I’ll keep you posted. I have a weigh-in today with the Doctor. 5 months out from surgery and down 110 lbs! Plus, I have my first appointment tonight with my new trainer.

I am definitely a happier, healthier me!

Fitness is on,

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