Do you do Happy Mail? Know what it is?

What is Happy Mail? Sending bits and pieces that the recipient can use in their own art. Sometimes the swap has a theme or guidelines but sometimes it is just a total surprise what you send or receive. Those are my favorite to get! So basically these are big envelopes of ephemera of one kind or another. Some bought and some homemade. The homemade is also my favorite!

I discovered it about two years ago and, for a little while, was totally obsessed with it. LOL I swapped with about 250-300 people in the first 4 months! I have slowed down a lot now. I swap once every 2-3 months. But, because I was so over the top at first, I have a ton of envelopes of goodies to get through.

See it here:

If the video doesn’t appear automatically, use the link here.

So for my Work Day Wednesday, I will be sorting this stuff out into what it is so that I will use it. I have some great things people sent me. They shouldn’t just sit in those gorgeous envelopes!

How will I sort them? Into the system I already use. I posted the video for that a while back, but here it is in case you missed it.

if the video doesn’t appear automatically, use the link here.

Using what I have is still on,

Mickie’s Mind

P.S. I totally forgot to add the link to the Happy Mail Group I am in. It is Happy Mail and Art Swappers and Courtnie Palmer is the admin of this great group!!!!