Out with the old and in with the new. Clothes that is. I told you I went shopping and got new, smaller (much smaller! *insert happy dance here*) clothes. With that I now face the task of cleaning out the clothes that are too big. 

First, I found people, three to be precise, that wanted the clothes. I found that having someone wanting them helped motivate me to get started. I have worn the same size for about 15 years so it is a lot of clothes. Four closets and a dresser worth. Yikes!

Next, I started with the dresser. Being the smallest, it was the least daunting and the most in need of space. I had already talked to each of the three people I would be giving the clothes to and had a good idea of what each would want. That helped me divide the clothes between them. 

With the dresser done, I moved to the fullest of the four closets. It was desperately in need of room for my new clothes, so it made the most sense. Again, I divide the clothes with each recipient in mind. I am no where near done and have 4 trash bags full already!

It makes me feel good to clean out the spaces and I know the clothes are going to people that want them. Win-Win! 

I am going to call it a day for now but I will work on it again next weekend, and the next until it’s done. I have so many clothes, I may need more people. That would be good too!

Clearing out is on, 

Mickie’s Mind!