This one is not my original idea. I got the idea from this from a PBS show called Make It Artsy. Unfortunately, they don’t preserve the episodes online for more than one week so I couldn’t just share it with you. So, I decided to play with the idea and film it for all of you. I so love this idea.

If you are a paper-crafter of any kind, I am sure you have ended up with some ugly scrapbook paper. I’m not sure how it happens, but it does. I know we aren’t intentionally buying ugly paper but there it is, in our stashes.

This is a way to make that paper beautiful and usable.

I made a process video for this and am attaching it here:

If the video doesn’t appear, you can use the link here.

But it is also easy to describe. Just paint over you scrapbook paper is blocks or blobs. Make some of the blobs thinner so they are still translucent and the design peeks through and other areas of that same blob thicker so that it is opaque and the design is no longer visible.

If you are using Dylusions paints, you can keep going from layer to layer without waiting for anything to dry. Otherwise, let this layer dry.

Next, start layering stencil sections in the same colors you painted out your blobs over the blobs. This can be fun and relaxing. Just keep going until you like it. Again, if you are using Dylusions paints, there is no need to wait for anything to dry. Anything else let each layer of stencil dry before going over it with another.

Lastly, add black and white. You do this by stenciling in both colors, adding paint splatters in both colors, and finally doing some hand drawn doodles to give it more personal look.

Here is my finished example:


I love all the layers. I will definitely use this. I can use it as backgrounds, borders, collage paper, whatever.

I hope you give it a try!

Beautiful papers are on,

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