Tuesday Art Journal Prompt: Blank Space

One of the things I love most but have the most trouble doing is leaving blank space. How about you?

My problem is I get to having so much fun, I forget to stop most times. I end up with tons of deep layers, which I also love, but no blank spaces. I am trying to work on that.

This week’s page I had that in mind. Leaving some blank space around my image. I did it!! LOL


Here is the process video

If the video doesn’t appear above, use the link here.

If you want to see an expert on blank spaces, check out Kate Crane at The Kathryn Wheel. She is an expert at having both deep layers and blank or white spaces. Her pieces look so airy! I love them. When I grow up, I so want to be Kate. LOL

Restraint is on,

Mickie’s Mind