It is time to get to work again! What are we tackling today? Pen Storage!

I have been telling you it was coming and now it is here. I got these pen storage containers from Totally Tiffany ( Just for clarification, I purchased these and received nothing in exchange for this blog. This is my honest opinion of this product.

(Photo from website showing empty storage container)

Here is the video of me un-boxing them and how I set them up.

If the video doesn’t appear above, use the link here.

The short version of my thoughts on this product are:


Love that I can see what I have.

Easily used and returned.

Holds a lot in a small space.

Love the trays on top so that no space is wasted.


It is a little short depth-wise for my chameleons and tombows.

Once the pens are in, you can’t reach the pull out holes anymore.

The space between shelves could be a little more so that larger barreled pens such as my giant Montana markers can fit.

Here is how my finally set up looks:

Getting my new art space organized is on,

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