I do a challenge each month to try some new technique, product, or just make an art journal page under certain restrictions.

This month the restriction is to start with painted circles. They can be big or small. Few or many. Any color you want. But start with those circles. Don’t have a plan in mind other than those circles at this point.

Next turn those circles into the focal point(s) of your art journal page. Make them flowers, balloons, clouds, birds, pigs, etc. Whatever you see in your circles. The only requirement is that it be something other than just a circle when you get done.

Want to watch my process video?


If the video isn’t visible above, you get get to it here.

This is a page to have fun with. Think outside the box. How far can you take those circles just by adding details to them. Don’t paint them out. It should still be obvious they started as circles when you finish. Just make them more than circles.

Have fun!!!

Art is on,

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