So, the most wonderful thing happened on January 1st! I went to the Dillard’s sale. I go every year or shop online. But for the first time since High School, I didn’t have to shop the plus sizes!!!!!

Okay; if you have never been fat, truly fat not just I need to lose a few pounds; you will not be able to understand this joy. But for those of you who are or have been restricted to the extended sizes in the plus size stores and the very few things retail stores have in those sizes, you will get it.

I must have tried on fifty things. LOL It was so fun and shopping for clothes hasn’t been fun in forever. Depressing? Yes. Annoying? Absolutely. Embarrassing? Check. But not fun.

I bought a ton too! I even got some things that were too small intentionally so I have clothes for when I go down in size again.

I had forgotten how great this feels. But, thanks to my new tiny tummy, I won’t forget again.

Happy, Happy, Happy at

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