This is the first work day Wednesday of 2017, so I thought I would ease us into it. I had a fabulous Christmas and NewYear’s Celebration but it was hectic and busy. So busy! If yours was the same, then this week’s project will be perfect. 

What is it? Let me give you a hint. 

These are pictures of my art desk:

I trashed my art space this past month. I had so much going on, I was doing my art projects at night right before I went to bed. I didn’t put up anything for the entire month. Seriously! The whole month. 

So, the project for this week is to clear off your art desk and put away all those Christmas themed supplies. Get ready for a new year of art projects. 

I am so excited about all the projects I have planned for this year. Product reviews, tutorials, monthly art journal challenges, and more! 

I hope you are too. But for now, let’s just get our spaces cleaned up so we have room to get creative. 

Hope you are aging a wonderful new year so far!

A fabulous, art filled new year is on,

Mickie’s Mind!