In 2016, I decided to make some major life style changes. First and foremost, I signed up for the Bariatric program through my insurance company. I had battled my weight my whole life and decided that nothing else was going to work. This is a recap of how the year went. 


I signed up for the program in January and started my diet January 26th. I weighed 351 lbs and am 5′ 5″. My doctor was completely on board with my having weight loss surgery so no problem there. I got the fitness app “My Fitness Pal” to track my calories. I had to lose 35 lbs in six months to move to the next phase of the program. 

February – July

I won’t bore you with every month’s weigh-ins but will summarize by saying I lost 40lbs and was referred for the surgery. I had already chosen a surgeon and decided on the Sleeve as my surgery of choice. 

The sleeve is a permanent surgery option where they remove 80% of your stomach. What remains is a tube that still has full digestive abilities. I’m no doctor, I am just telling you what I have learned through the process. 

Here is a picture of what they actually do in the surgery. 


I was immediately approved for my surgery and set about paying my share of the surgery costs in order to get my surgery date. This process wasn’t hard but there was a lot of waiting. I got my surgery date! October 10th. 


I started getting ready for my surgery. Its silly the things that needed to be done. Things like I needed new pajamas. I had lost 48lbs by now and all my pajamas were too big. What a great problem to have. 

Also, I had to go on a liquid, fat free/sugar free diet for two weeks prior to the surgery to shrink my liver. This was to insure  that I would be able to have the surgery laparoscopically. That was super important to me. I didn’t want to have to have a traditional incision and the longer healing time. 

One last change, I had hair to my waist. I didn’t think I would want to deal with having just had abdominal surgery so . . .I cut it all off! Short! I love it by the way. 

Finally, the morning of my surgery arrived. My liver was down to its fighting weight and I was a go for laparoscopic surgery. This was the easiest part for me because all I had to do was go to sleep. When I woke up, it was done. I had no problems, very little pain, and didn’t even want the pain medicine. I was up and walking, albeit slowly, that night. I had surgery Monday Morning, was pain med free by Tuesday noon, and released to go home Wednesday afternoon. By then, I was zipping along the corridors of the hospital getting my walking in. I felt great. 

I stayed with my Mom after getting out of the hospital and she took care of me. I will totally admit this was mainly being pampered.  I could have taken care of myself, it went so well. I had to do the liquid diet for another two weeks after the surgery and then I could go to soft foods. If you’ve had the surgery, you may be thinking I skipped a phase (puréed foods) and you would be right. My surgeon ok’d that though. I felt great and was losing 1-2lbs a day initially. By my 2 wk check-up, I had lost an additional 22lbs! That put me to a total of 70 lbs lost if you are trying to keep track. 


Here it is the last day of 2016, I have slowed down on my weight loss. I am losing 1-2 lbs per week now which is actually more normal than my initial weight loss was. I am down to 264 lbs for a total of 87 lbs lost. I am hoping to make it to 100 lbs lost before my anniversary date (of my diet beginning) of January 26th. Fingers crossed. 

I am registered for and training for a 5k in March. Before this, the last time I ran was probably Junior High. I have gone from a 26/28 to a 16/18 in clothes. The last time I wore that would have been my Senior year of High School! 

I feel great! I have way more energy. I love being able to shop in any store rather than just plus size stores. And, I love having people stop me places and be shocked at the transformation I have made this year. 

Why am I writing this? Well, I’m part because I am proud of myself. This wasn’t easy but I did it. I am not embarrassed or ashamed to admit that. When you accomplish something like this, I think you should be proud. 

But also because, if even one person reads this and it helps them to make the same leap I did this year, it will have been worth all the people that may read this and snicker to themself “She weighed what?” 

I plan to keep you all posted as I go. I have some products and shortcuts I have tried that I will tell you how it went, good or bad. I will also let you know how the 5k goes. 

One thing I can definitely say though. I am a happier, healthier me than I have been in a long time!

And that is what’s on

Mickie’s Mind 😘