If you have been following my blog, you know I did an Artsy Advent Calendar back in 2014. I thought it would be fun to do this again but with different prompts and a slightly different look.

Want to see the original posts? They are at 2014 Artsy Advent Calendar (you can do all these prompts from the original advent calendar if you don’t want to have to wait on this year’s prompts). 

I will post one prompt per day beginning December 1st, 2016 and continuing straight through until Christmas Day. It is designed to be a daily prompt art journal project. I am doing mine on tags to make a hangable, flip advent calendar by the end of the 25 days. 

Want to join in? Here is what I recommend you do:

1.  Follow my blog so that each day’s prompt will come directly to your email. 

2.  Gather up all your Christmas art journaling supplies in one place so that you can work quickly each day. That will, hopefully, make this a quick and fun daily art journaling project. 

3. Pick your base. As I said, I am using tags but you can make it a traditional art journal or anything else you prefer. 

Check out my prep for this project and a demo of my original 2014 Artsy Advent Calendar. 

(If the video doesn’t show above this, you can access it at Intro Video for this Year’s Christmas Advent Calendar)

Hope you gather up all your Christmas art goodies and join me on December 1st!

Christmas is on, 

Mickie’s Mind

Merry Christmas! ğŸŽ„