This blog is off topic for most of you but it is something huge in my life right now. It is doing the work to make me better. I have been working the last 9 months towards having weight loss surgery in the pursuit of creating a happier, healthier me.

Sometimes this kind of work gets pushed to the background. We don’t talk about it, we don’t make time for it, and we don’t make it a priority. I have to admit, this is the first time in my life (no, I’m not telling you how many years that is) that I have actually made my own health and weight my main priority. But, trust me, it is definitely work. Not one day a week work though, it is an every day, every hour, every minute work.

Let’s go back to January were this all started. I had gotten up to my highest weight EVER, 351 Lbs. Even as I type that I am shocked I am telling you my weight, but you need to know how bad it had gotten in order to understand my shift in priorities. I knew that, if I wanted to maintain a quality life, I had to lose weight. I have done every diet out there over the years and they all work, for a while. But as soon as I stopped the diet, I gained all the weight back along with some new.


(Yes, that is me. Before I started the diet.)

So I was steadily increasing in weight, year after year. If I gained in the next 10 years, what I had gained in the last 10 years, I would be lucky to be able to work, care for myself, and even support myself.

I had considered weight loss surgery before but I was afraid of it. I had finally gotten to the point that I was more afraid of my weight than I was of the surgery. I will say, that was key to all the changes I have made and am making. Fear of doing nothing.

I knew my insurance had a small bariatric program that opened in January of each year. I had half-halfheartedly checked into it last January and was secretly relieved that it was already full and closed when I applied. This year, I didn’t want to miss out on it so I called as soon as the new year rolled around and I got in.

This was only the start though. I had to do a 6 month Dr. supervised weight loss program and lose 10% of my weight. I had to be recommended for the surgery by my regular Doctor and approved for it by the surgeon. I then had to be approved for it by my Insurance company who would then pay 80%. I had to cover the other 20%.

It still seemed like an impossible task but I was at least trying. I called my regular Doctor to see if she would supervise my diet. Best decision ever!! She is my general practice doctor. I was actually recommended to use an out of town Doctor that specialized in weight loss but I didn’t want to have an hour drive each way every month to see that Doctor. But over the last 9 months, I have gotten to know my Doctor so much better. Today, when I went to see her and told her I was approved for the surgery, she had tears in her eyes as she hugged me. Having a loving and supportive Doctor was such a huge help. I can’t tell you how much of a cheerleader she has been. But I’m getting ahead of myself. Back to January.

I had to lose 35 lbs in 6 months. I new I could do it. I had lost that much dozens of times before. I downloaded the app My Fitness Pal to track all my food, water, and exercise. Told my Mom and my lunch buddy at work so they would hold me accountable, and off I went.

Losing the 35 lbs was actually pretty easy this time as I was motivated. I did it mainly through diet as I never really got to exercising regularly. That will have to change but it hasn’t really as of now. I ate Progresso Light Soup for lunch at work most days, had Special K breakfast sandwiches most mornings, and swapped my fancy creamer for Chocolate Premiere Protein Shakes in my coffee.

Eating out meant grilled options or salad. Seafood and chicken became my primary meats. Nothing shocking or earth shattering. I just DID THE WORK.

I have lost 42 lbs as of today’s Doctor’s appointment and will be having weight loss surgery next month. I have had a few people try to talk me out of it. Tell me to just keep dieting but I know, for me, that won’t work long term. I need to loose too much weight for just a regular diet. I have also been shocked by how many people have contacted me to let me know that they support me and that they have had the surgery already or are about to. There are a lot more of us than you think.

I am crazy busy getting ready to have surgery and be off work, so you may see an interruption on these work day Wednesday posts. When they come back, they will probably be art focused again. But this week, all the work I am doing is on me so I decided it was important to share that. I am considering adding a separate section to my blog for those that want to follow my surgery and weight loss. Actually, I have had a couple of people ask me to as they are considering the surgery themselves. I probably will but not until after the surgery.

Sorry to go off topic for those that follow for the art but my head and heart were here today.

Making a happier, healthier me is on,

Mickie’s Mind

Love to you all!!!