Your work day Wednesday is late this week! Oops. 🙂 But it happens, right?

This week we are looking at storage solutions for your art supplies. I have lots of suggestions but the main thing I actually want to discuss is failed storage solutions. You will have lots. At least I have.

Take my pen storage.

I started just putting them in cans or jars on my desktop. After a while I got too many though and came up with a new system.

This lasted for a few months but had problems. First problem was, the pens in the drawers were out of sight and I kept forgetting they were there. LOL Silly, but true. The second problem was that the containers in the wine rack were completely flat so the pens tended to fall out when I pulled out one. Also, the bottom rows were really hard to see due to shadows.

Time for a new option.I tried putting them in pencil boxes by what they were and while that worked well for flat storage. I was always digging through the boxes for the right one.

I next tried using my other rolling cart like this one (this one is stamp one, I don’t have a picture from when the pens were in the other one)

and all different containers in the top. It was great for being able to see my pens but alcohol markers need to be stored flat so it wasn’t the best option for those.

In the art room redo, I got a bunch of square plastic jars at the dollar store thinking I could stack them on their sides and use them to hold my pens horizontally. Great in theory but after only a couple of weeks, I already know that I don’t like it. The pens tend to fall out just like they did in the wine rack. I am going to try tilting the shelf down in the back to see if that helps.

So I don’t have a good storage system still for pens even though I have been trying different options for 10 months now.

But with my stamp storage, I love my current solution. It is pictured above but that is a really old picture. It is way fuller now and I am considering whether I need to use both of the carts I have like this or try a new option.

I keep my ink pads, stamping blocks and most used stamps on the top shelf. My distress inks are in the containers on the side now. Larger stamps are on the middle shelf and my wood block mounted stamps are on the bottom. Other than the fact that it is now overflowing, I love it. I wheel the cart over when I want to stamp and wheel it back out of the way when I am done.

My stencil storage has also gone through several incarnations. I started by putting them in 3 ring binders using clear page protectors as pockets. Then I went to just throwing them all in a box, now I have my newest storage solution which is using a tension rod and clip shower curtain rings.

I have only been using this one for a couple of weeks but so far I like it. The only change I may make is moving it up from the lowest shelf so they aren’t so hard to see. The rod and clips are working great and I am actually putting them back when I am done which is huge for me. LOL

Likewise my current ephemera storage is also working.

Before I had them in boxes and just dug through to find what I wanted. But with this new system, I have everything labeled and visible due to the clear containers. It works great. My only complaint here is when I have something that is too big for these containers. It doesn’t happen often, but it does and will happen.

So, what is the point of all this? That storage systems are extremely personal. What works for one person, may not work for another. What works now, may not always work. What works in one space, may not work in another. The only way to truly know if a system is going to work for you is to try it. So don’t be married to any one option. Be honest with yourself if it works for you, in this space, and at this time. Don’t think that because it worked before, it should work now. Or because someone else said it is perfect for them, it should be for you. Every storage option I have tried has been a good one in some respects, they just may not have fit me, my space, or the amount of stuff I have.

And really, as long as your space doesn’t look like this,


you are in good shape.

Flexible storage solutions are on,

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