With all I have going on this week, I forgot to post this week’s Work Day Wednesday! Yikes! So this one is coming to you on Thursday. Oops!

I have been clearing out and reducing a lot of my art stashes the last couple of weeks. Actually, more than just art stashes. I have been decluttering the whole house. 

It didn’t take me long to realize just deciding to have less of something wasn’t sufficient instructions for myself. I would keep way too much and clear only a minute amount. Making no true headway. 

Solution? Deciding on the maximum amount of space I wanted to devote to that item or category of items first. Whether it was a bookcase, a shelf, a drawer, or a box didn’t matter. What mattered was being able to see the space filling up and realize how much would fit the space. Once I started using this method of clearing, I started making some real headway! 

Want an example? Here is where I destashed my collage magazine hoard

and the final result. 

I hope you are getting lots of work done this week! See you next Wednesday for another work day!

Decluttering is on,

Mickie’s Mind