This is a fun, quirky read that will alternate between making you think and making you laugh. 

Elliott Ainsley is an impoverished Baron with a historical home in need of repairs and a book deadline quickly approaching. What he needs is a quiet place to write without interruptions. His friend calls with the perfect solution, a river cruise. He can work without dealing with his family or carpenters. Plus, the trip is free as it was supposed to be his friends trip with his now ex-girlfriend. Perfect, right?

Alice Woods’ life has been turned upside down! She has lost her home, her job, and the man she thought she would be marrying at the end of their river cruise vacation. She refuses to lose one more thing. She paid for her half of that cruise and she is going to take. She could use the trip to settle down and figure out where she goes from here. Perfect, right?

Unfortunately for Elliot and Alice, they are taking the same unused, they thought, cruise and single cabin. With neither being willing to cancel their plans, they will just have to make it work, right?

This is a quirky romance with witty dialogue and unusual characters. A fun read to brighten your day! Go down the rabbit hole with another Alice in “The Importance of Being Alice”.