Today’s work project is to look at your work station and see if you can make it more functional for little or no money. 

I am doing a complete redo of my art space moving it to a room that will be all its own! I am so excited even though, right now in the middle of the move, both rooms are a disaster 

I have been using a butcher block kitchen table but I wasn’t really liking it. It had no storage underneath, wasn’t high enough for the underneath space to be truly usable, and the large top just became a dumping ground. (The picture is now with it pretty and clean but trust me, it was BAD!)

I was seriously considering just selling the table and getting something new for the new space that would work better. But then I saw these bed risers at WalMart for$19.99. I figured I would give them a shot and see if they helped. 

They did! It is now standing height and has room for me to add storage options underneath. I added two rolling drawer carts in the front but left room in the middle for my legs if I am sitting on a stool. 

Once I get a stool, I may decide that space isn’t necessary but I’m holding onto it just in case. 

On the other side, I put a 3 shelf bookcase and the rolling scrapbook paper cart I already had. 

As you can see these fill the space perfectly and, other than the bed risers, it was all stuff I already had. I am really looking forward to using this improved work station. 

Now et all the stuff put into all that storage. Work, work, work. 

I hope you can look at what you have that may not be working for you, and find a way to make it fabulous!

Want to see the space better? I do a walk through on YouTube here

Re-organizing is on, 

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