Today’s Work Day Wednesday comes from my art room redo. I am moving my art room into a space all it’s own! So I am taking this time to rethink some of my storage options.

For my stencils I want to have them visible and easily accessible. Also, easily returnable! LOL I am horrible about having stencils everywhere. I need something super easy to encourage me to put them away.

My idea? Hanging them. I have seen some commercial craft products for this but they tend to be pricey and they are bulky. I wanted something that would fit into my space without using precious worktop space.

I have bookcases that will be directly behind my worktable so I wanted to store them there for easy access. My cheap fix? A $4 tension rod and some dollar store clip curtain hangers!

I set the shelf above this space as high as the items on it would allow so I have plenty of space to work with. Then I put the tension rod at the top and centered it in the shelving unit.No tools are necessary for this as it holds by an internal spring and it in no way damages the shelving unit! This allows my stencils to hang freely with lots of room for more while also leaving room beneath them for my texture pastes, gesso, and other larger jars and bottles.

See it in action and how much room I have! 

Stencil Storage Video 

I love it! I can store a ton of stencils now for less than one of those pricey spinners that would only hold a couple of dozen.

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