I am super excited and have to share why. If you have been following me on my Mickie’s Niche Art Page, you probably know that I have been looking to rearrange my house to swap my library and my art spaces. It is such a huge and daunting task that I just keep dreaming about it but haven’t actually done it. Well, no more! I have started! Hooray!!

But I am not only reorganizing those two rooms, I am going to do the entire house! What got into me? I won a spot in Art For Fun and Focus from Amber Kuileimailani Bonnici!


This is a 6 week journey where she uses art to help inspire, motivate, and move you towards your goal. You pick one thing that you want to accomplish; like getting my space clean, decluttered, and organized so I have a stress free home and a fabulous art space; she helps you break it down into manageable tasks. Then she helps keep you motivated towards accomplishing that goal. All while using art to make the process fun!

I am so excited about getting this done and it is perfect timing as we are having a “junk hunt” (a huge 3 counties worth of garage sales on a highway route) just in time to sell off some of my excess goodies! I have so many excess goodies!!! LOL

I will keep you posted on my progress, my projects (anything good I come up with I will make YouTube videos on and share my process), and this course.

Want to check out this or other of Amber’s class offerings? Visit her at: www.theradiantmama.com

Getting organized is on,

Mickie’s Mind