Our first Work Day Wednesday is here!!

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I decided to start us off small. Sort of a warm up. So, we are going to do a simple prep project. Whether you do art journaling, scrapbooking, cardmaking, multimedia art, or collage a big part of your time is stamping and fussy cutting images. If you are lucky, the stamp you want to use comes with a handy-dandy die so you don’t have to fussy cut it; but you still have to stamp and die cut your image. Which for me means going to the other room where my big shot lives to die cut (getting that moved will be one of the organizational projects in future).

So, why not do some of that prep work ahead of time. Have stamped and cut out images ready to go on your project so you can grab several, try them out, and use the one you like best all in a matter of minutes.

For your one hour, I recommend that you:

1. Grab your favorite stamps, stamps that will go with projects that you know are in your immediate future, and any new stamps you have.

2. Grab a permanent ink such as StazOn or Archival.

3. Grab your white cardstock or other stamping paper, several sheets.

4. Set a timer for 15 minutes and stamp as many of those stamps as you can in that time limit. Multiple images of each stamp.

5. Cut each image free from the others with large scissors. Don’t worry about shape right now. Just get them cut apart.

6. Now fussy cut or die cut as many as you can in the time remaining of your hour.

7. Have baggies, boxes, or envelopes to hold the images by topic, stamp set name, etc for all the completed ones. I use photo boxes as shown in the photo above. 

8. Have another container to hold all the ones that you didn’t finish. You can work on them next week. I just put them in a windowed envelope so I can see what they are. A paper CD sleeve works great for this too. 

For me, to make this a little more enjoyable, I will be grabbing the hot beverage of my choice (probably chai) and my MP3 player. Everything goes better with Chai and music!

Efficiency is on,

Mickie’s Mind