This is the start of a new weekly subject series. Work Day Wednesday!

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This is going to be me getting more organized and efficient by setting aside one hour each week to do some of the not so fun grunge work that makes art and life go smoother. I will post a tip, topic, or gentle reminder each week for a work day project. It may be new to you and it may be one of those things that we all know we should do, we just don’t do it.

I will design these to be one hour projects or, if it is a larger project, be designed so you can break it down into one hour chunks.

This is different from the other prompts and challenges I do in that the only person that will benefit from doing these, or even know if you did them, is you. But all too often those are the projects we put off the longest. Eventually, that procrastination will start to eat away at your art space, your time, and your creativity. So let’s nip them in the bud!

I am calling these “Work Day Wednesday” because I will be posting these each Wednesday, but you should find the time that is best for you. One hour each week that is for these projects, or these type projects that only you know you need to do.

Don’t have an hour? Set aside two half hours a week. Customize this to your schedule but make it a time you can dedicate to this every week. If it is a habit, you will do it. If you think “I find free time as I go”, it will never happen.

Where are these projects coming from? Me. These are all the things I need to do. So I will be right there with you putting in my hour of grunge work each week.

Some of these will be prep work type projects so that when you sit down to create; whether you are a multimedia artist, art journaler, scrapbooker, cardmaker,whatever; it goes faster and smoother.

Some of these will be declutter projects. Every artist I know complains that we have too much clutter! We do. It’s the nature of the beast. But we need to know what is valuable clutter and what is just clutter so that we can keep a head of it.

Finally, some of these will be organizational projects. Storage options, what really needs to be on your desk?, what really needs to be in arm’s reach?, what systems work?, what systems look good but don’t work?, etc.

Remember, I am going to be posting my issues and the solutions that work best for me. Take them. Try them. But remember, what works best for one person isn’t always what works best for someone else. So keep what you can use and throw the rest out.

Hopefully, doing this together will keep us all on task.

Optimism is on,

Mickie’s Mind