I love making my own art journals. It is all the joy of a new journal with the added satisfaction of a) knowing you made it yourself and b) having it be exactly what you wanted. Something you don’t get with a purchased journal. 

Last weekend I made 3! I just forgot to tell you. 

I did however do flip through videos for each so . . .

Art Journal 1:

Art journal one flip through. This is for my Teesha Moore style collage. You can see in the flip through where I have already started working on it. It has pockets in the cover that I will use to hold some of those collage images. I will keep you posted on how the pockets work and how the journal progresses. I will also paint and decorate the cover. I just haven’t decided how I want to do it yet. Stay tuned for that too. 

Art Journal 2:

Art Journal 2 flip through. This over-sized journal has been on my wish list for a while. I have really been wanting to work BIG.  Now I can. It will probably be a little while before I work in it as I am so enamored of my collage journal, but it is now ready when I am. Plus, it is recycled! You can’t get better than that. I will cover the old book images of this cover as well but, again, I haven’t decide how yet. Lots to look forward to. 

Finally, art journal 3:

Art journal 3 video flip through. This one is for a Facebook group I am in, Mixed Media Morsels. I made this journal in the easy style of my April Event Journal (this link is the tutorial in case you want to make one of your own) except I added all the pages while they are still blank this time. 

Now I just have to fill them up!

So much happy in three little books!

Journals are on, 

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