I put out a challenge to the members of my Facebook art group, Art Journaling Artists, this month and decided to extend it to all of you as well. 

The challenge? Make a one staple collage. 

What is it? Just what it sounds like. A collage where all the layers are held in place by a single staple. I think this may have originated in ICAD (Index Card A Day) but I’m not certain. I just know it isn’t my original idea. But I love it so I must spread it. 

I did my very first one today. I thought this would be a 5 min, no brainer style project. Boy, was I wrong. It was fun but it was also extremely challenging. I loved it!

Here is mine. 

I show it in 3-D and discuss my process in my video if you want to check it out. It isn’t a tutorial as you don’t really need one. Just an explanation and your imagination. Oh, and a stapler. 

Fun and challenge are on, 

Mickie’s Mind

P.S. Want to show me your completed collage? Post it on my art page Mickie’s Niche. I would love to see it!