Video tutorial on how I use my beloved Dylusions paints and a comparison between the baby wipe technique and using the foam applicators. Also, I should say I am not paid in any way by Ranger or Dyan Reaveley. I really do love these paints this much. LOL​ Although if you made this blog go viral and Dyan was so happy she sent me the new 6 colors I don’t have yet, I wouldn’t complain. Ha! Ha! ha! 

Here are the two sides of the page I make on the video up close. 

The left is the baby wipe side and the right is the applicator side. I think it pretty clear why I prefer the applicators. 

This is a closer view of just the baby wipe side. You can see how uneven the paint spreads and how globby (is that a word?) and blurry the stenciling is. 

Here is a closer look at the applicator side with its vibrant colors and crisp stenciling. This technique wins hands down in my book. 

You can see me do both these techniques with all my tips in the video. 

Check out the video tutorial at Using my beloved Dylusions Paints Video tutorial link.

Love for Dylusions paints is on, 

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