This book is a lighter fare mystery set in a world where the paranormal is real. It is the same world as in Kate’s Aisling Grey series if you already read that (and if you don’t, why not? It’s fabulous!) but there are no cross over characters. 

Karma Marx is the main character and her life is a mess! Horrible husband, meddling (but loveable) father, imps that think she is their mother, and of course she owes wergeld to the League. No idea what that last one means? It means she is working off a debt for an otherworldly oops. Add into this fostering a teenage polter (poltergeist) that changes her name at the drop of a . . . well, apport (when you read the book you will get it) and she is one busy lady. 

All she wants? A divorce from the horrible hubby. He will give it to her but at a price. She has to clean one last house of ghosts and any other otherworldly entities for him. 
Of course Karma agrees. Anything to get rid of Spider (the horrible hubby)! But she has a plan. She will just relocate the inhabitants to a safe location. What could go wrong? Murder. 

Spider is dead and the house was locked down at the time. No way in, no way out. They have 12 hours to figure out “who done it”. 

Oh, and did I mention the handsome polter Adam that owned the house? That ought to add some interest. Yum! 

Check it out for yourself. Great read! With an unexpected twist, or two, or three . . . Along the way!

Murder is on,

Mickie’s Mind