If you only follow my blog, you probably wonder where I am all the time. LOL That is because I have a system. I post big ideas here. But quick ideas are either on my YouTube channel or my FB art page. 

For instance, today I was playing around with some crazy ideas that came to me. The were super quick ideas that I just captured on my phone and posted to my YouTube. 

One was an idea to use the old ink cartridge from my printer and the other was an idea for using my scanned art and labels to make some uniques stickers (I have links here so you can check them out). Neither idea was long enough to do a blog on so, other than discussing them in this one, they wouldn’t have made it here. 

Also, my daily art pics. Like these . . .

I don’t usually do blogs on the every day art I create. It tends to go on my FB art page Mickie’s Niche.

So, again, that is something you would miss if you were only here. (The title is a link as well.)

Why am I mentioning this? I have all kinds of posts, ideas, and creations big and small. Want to see them all? Then add following my YouTube and FB page to your subscriptions. I would love to have you. 

Otherwise I’ll see you next time something big is on, 

Mickie’s Mind. 😉