Do you follow Shannon Green on YouTube? If so, you may well recognize where I got all these ideas for this Wreck-It Journal prompts. I went through a ton of Shannon’s old videos to get all these prompts. You can hunt Shannon’s channel to find her versions of these things or you can do your own interpretation based on the wording of the prompt. It is entirely up to you! 

I am going to do mine, in true Shannon Green style, in a composition notebook with the pages glued together for extra strength but you can use any type journal you want. 

The goal of this is to have fun, don’t worry about making a mess and play! As adults, we play all to rarely. Let’s change that. 

Prompts: (I will do a video a day for each of these on my YouTube channel if you want to check out my versions)

Page 1) Glue something or lots of somethings! It’s just fun to glue. 

And the video for the introduction to this journal and my page 1 are at

Page 2) Spray all your sprays on one page!

Page 2 video is at

Page 3) En Masse page! Find 30 images in books/magazine/catalogs of the same thing and glue them all to one page. I.e.: 30 eyes, 30 watches, 30 shoes, etc. 

Page 3 video is at

Page 4) paint 6 colors onto one page using just an old credit card. 

Page 5) make a page using whatever Canvas Corp Brand items you have. (Tattered Angels, 7 gypsies, etc.)

Page 6) use all your white pens on a black background!

Page 7) make a torn paper strip page!

Page 8) add a gel medium transfer to your page

Page 9) make a page using only travel brochures/magazines/books/maps. (Preferably Oklahoma! LOL)

Page 10) Doodle over paint or ink blobs!

Page 11) color! Uses stamps, draw an image, or glue an actual coloring page to your journal page and color it!

Page 12) raid your stash. Create a page using things from your hoard. The older the better. 

Page 13) Stencil it. Make a page by layering stencils. 

Page 14) Fused cereal bags page. You are problem going to want to search Shannon’s page for this one. Tape it into your journal. 

Page 15). Make homemade stickers on labels and cover your page with them.

Page 16) Make a page from just a napkin or napkins. 

Page 17) Pimped out 5 petal flower page! 

Page 18)  Circles and swirls page. 

Page 19) Bra (or other clothing) tags page. 

Page 20) 15 page (Journaling by 5’s style page) 

I hope you check Shannon’s channel on YouTube, please subscribe to my channel if you haven’t already, and post your pages to the Art Journaling Artists! fB group if you are a member. I would love to see them. 

Artsy fun is what is on,

Mickie’s Mind.