I’ve been shopping again! But this time at the Dollar Store. Don’t you just love the dollar stores?! You can find so many inspiring things there. This week’s inspiration? Sticky back fun foam! I got a package of five for a dollar!!

I have been wanting to try making my own stamps and this seemed a no fail way to do that. If I completely screwed up, I lost $1. I think that is an acceptable risk.

Of course, I made a video.

Some of these I used my dies to cut and some were free hand. Don’t forget to use that waste too! It can make some cool stamps as you see in the video.

So stop at the dollar store, get your sticky back fun foam and see what you can come up with! (The swap discussed is for my Facebook group Art Journaling Artists and Swappers  only.)

We will tackle some more challenging stamp making idea in the future. This is a warm up to get us all in the mind set that we can make our own stamps.

Stamp making is on,

Mickie’s Mind!