The Month Long Online April Event for Art Journaling Artists and Swappers is almost here! This is a month long event were we will have projects, tips, techniques, or art journal prompts every day. I am super excited! 

If you are already a member of Art Journaling Artists and Swappers, be sure to sign up for the Month Long Online April Event under the events tab. If you aren’t a member, join! We would love to have you!

This event is designed so that everyone from a novice art journaler to a long time art journaler can participate. It is also my goal to have every project or page be versatile so you can use what you have rather than have to buy something. 

The only thing you have to have is an art journal! I will be posting a video on my YouTube Channel MickieT showing my art journals and a couple of my easy and inexpensive ways to make your own  art journal. 

But there are some great art journal tutorials already out there. Here are a couple of my favorites:

Easy Twine Binding – this is the very first binding technique I ever did. Super quick! Super Easy! I still use it. 
Art Journal from file folders – easy and inexpensive way!
I hope you get or make an art journal and join us for a month of making art journal pages and projects!

That’s what’s on,

Mickie’s Mind!