Do you art journal?


Does a chunky, ink stained journal warm your heart?


Maybe you don’t already keep one but you want to start keeping an art journal?


Do you want to find others that art journal to share ideas, experience and scraps with?


Then we are looking for you! There is a new Facebook Group just for Art Journal Artists, Art Journaling Artists and Swappers.


 We share photos and videos of our art journal pages; share tips, techniques and knowledge; plus we swap happy mail that is specific to art journaling. 

Don’t know what happy mail is? First, it is fun! But more specifically, it is mailing items you would use on an art journal page to another artist for them to use. Meanwhile, they send you things in return that they would choose for you to use. 

We have organized events and will be having a month long event in April!


Want to join the fun? Join here.

Art Journaling is what’s on

Mickie’s Mind!

P.S. All the art journal pages on here are mine! I just LOVE art journaling!