I spent the day making videos of backgrounds. Some I have made before and some that were experiments. Here are the links to them all. 
Background 1: Antiqued Book Pages

This is one I have done many times and love. I think it probably has to with my love of books in general. The aged quality with just a hint of shimmer also makes it feel warm and inviting to me. It is first because it is definitely my favorite. 

Background 2: Dylusions Paints

Dylusions are so fun because they work fast and stay so very vibrant. Plus, a little goes a long way so you can quickly and easily do several backgrounds with just one “helping” of paint. 

Background 2.5: Dylusions Paints continued. 

 I did this second video on the Dylusions mainly because I didn’t want to waste the paint. I actually had enough leftover still after this one that I did one more full page. You can see it in the recap video at the end. 

Background 3: India Ink and alcohol

This was the first of today’s experiments. I consider it both a success and a failure from my view point. It was a success because the matte medium base over the Cardstock kept the inks on the surface and vibrant. However, it was a failure because I didn’t get the circles you see when doing this technique on photo paper. This one is a judge for yourself whether it is something you would want to do. 

Background 3.5: India Ink and alcohol redo. 

Since I didn’t get the circles I wanted in the previous attempt, I decided to try again with a coat of diamond glaze over my Cardstock in place of the matte medium. Total fail from what I wanted. No circles at all and, because it could slack into the surface at all, it mainly made pretty mud. 

The picture above has the matte medium base while the picture below does not. 

 Background 4: Alcohol Inks

I had much moe success with the alcohol inks on a base coat of matte medium. Still not exactly what I was hoping for, but so much better than either of the India ink trials.

The picture above has the matte medium base while the picture below does not. 

 Background 5: Memento Dew Drops 

This one was really just curiosity. What would mementos do over matte medium? Would it react to alcohol drops at all? I really liked the results of the example over matte medium. I will have to play around with it again. Maybe through a stencil next time to see if I can control the fade?

Background Recap and Cutting Instructions

This video shows all the pages I made today. Even the blotter pages. Plus, I discuss what I like/dislike about each. I also show how I cut these sheets done so that I have zero waste. 

I had a lot of fun doing these. I was surprised by a lot of the results. I will have to think of more background experiments to try on another day. 

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