Hi, my name is Mickie and I’m an art supply addict and sale junkie. 

I just love a great sale and Sizzix has one of the best. I am just building up my art tools so I don’t have that many. I got my Big Kick and first dies and embossing folders for Christmas last year. They tend to be a little pricey so I did not have many. Or didn’t until now. 

Hooray! I hit the big Sizzix sale. 

I was so excited I made a video of unpacking the boxes. My Sizzix Sale Order Came! Most of these I got for $1-$2 each. I think the most I paid for any of them was $5! Score!

So expect to see lots of these goodies in my upcoming projects. 

Happy Shopping is what’s on, 

Mickie’s Mind.