Several weeks ago I won 25 random stamps from Unity Stamp Company. They came! (They came awhile ago, I am just now doing the blog, oops!)
To show them off I decided to use them and my new dew drop ink pads to make some tags. 
I set rules for myself. Just to make it interesting. I had to use every stamp; each stamp could only be used on one tag but as many times on that tag as I wanted; and only stamps from this bundle could be used. 
I ended up making 12 tags. For my limited supplies and restrictions I put on myself, I think they turned out great. Made me really think how I could use and reuse each stamp. 
The stamp or stamps used for each tag are beside that tag in each picture. (Only one is here but all of them are in the Facebook post you can reach from the link below)
Thank you Unity Stamp Company!! #UnityStampCo
Here is one of the tags:

 This was the first one I did so I had all the stamps to choose from. Making it the easiest as well. I used dandelion,  cantaloupe, tangelo and brown inks. I colored the tag with all the colors except brown then stamped the floral stamp randomly in my background with all the colors except the brown. Finally, I stamped the portions of the floral stamp I wanted for my focal image and the sentiment in brown and edged it with the brown. I added a few highlights with my white uni-ball signo pen to finish it off. Now it just needs some ribbon but I won’t add that until I am ready to use it. They store better that way. 

Want to see the rest?

Check out all of them on my Facebook art page Mickie’s Niche.

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