i decided to try making my own, cheap, stickers. It was a blast! I actually had several successes but I am just going to discuss one of them in this blog. 


Acrylic paints

Coordinating Stamp and punch (I used a set from Stampin’ Up)

StazOn or other permanent ink for the stamp

And, the secret ingredient, contact paper!

Contact paper is super cheap, easy to find and a giant sticker already! So, all you have to do is decorate it. 
I smeared acrylic paint on in layers. Letting each dry to prevent making mud of my colors. Once that was done I had a giant sheet of prettier contact paper. 
Then I stamped and punched that into pretty butterflies. One roll can mak hundreds of stickers!

I did a second sheet by gluing book pages before adding my color and it worked just as well. 

Have fun playing with that roll of contact paper!

And that’s what’s on,

Mickie’s Mind