This started off to be another blog on playing in my art room with Emily. And it still is but I noticed something drastic this time that I just have to share.

When I did my first piece I used craft grade fluid acrylics. I just wanted to conserve my better paint. Being frugal. But my piece didn’t turn out as vibrant as I wanted so I decided to do another one. Same technique, same inks, same background papers, same oil pastel crayons, same everything EXCEPT I used my tubes of better acrylic paints.

Wow! What a difference!! I couldn’t believe it. I never thought the color depth was that different but it really is. After seeing this, I doubt I buy those $0.50 craft paints again. With this much difference in my pieces, I just don’t think I “saved” anything.

As for the technique in these fabulous pieces, they are once again all Emily, Esmarelda’s Studios. Check out her video to make your own at

Happy Creating!


Mickie’s Mind

P.S. If you are on a mobile device it may clip off the top of the picture. If it does, the images first (left) are the craft paints and the second set (right) are the regular tube acrylics.