One thing I love is to make something useful, beautiful or both out of trash. I know this would have been more helpful to you a couple of weeks ago but oh well. Maybe you can save it for next Christmas. 🙂

I took drink boxes (I love these coffee drinks so I have tons of them) and turned them into cute gift boxes. They are perfect for a small gift basket type gift, lots of coordinated little items.

These would also be great Easter baskets! There! Now my post is timely rather than late. 🙂

All I did was stamp an embossing pad directly onto the box, add my embossing powder and heat with my heat gun. The only real trick you need to know is do the edges with the box open so you don’t emboss it closed.

Once it was entirely covered with melted embossing powder (and I did have to do several patches to get it all covered), I inked the corners of the silver one and hot glued old decorative buttons and ribbon as embellishments.

This project mainly cost time as you had to let it cool, check for gaps, and emboss again several times. Also, on the lighter embossing powder, it saved time to cover the box with a dark ink first so the print didn’t show through. I didn’t have that worry with the black embossing powder, it covered everything.

Cute, unique gift box from trash!

Happy Creating!

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