Let’s start with, no, I don’t have a baby and no, those aren’t the used baby wipes I mean. LOL

I use baby wipes in my craft projects to clean up paint, inks, blend water colors, and any manner of other things. I would then throw them away feeling content in my heart as I had cleaned up and my “rag” was disposable so I didn’t have anything to wash. Win-Win, right? Right! Wrong!

One day someone in my art group suggested straightening out those wadded up wipes and look at the beauty I was just throwing away. Once I did, I couldn’t throw them out again.

So now, I lay them flat to dry at the end of the day after admiring my accidental art creations.

I have used these to make junk journal book spines, as layering pieces in cards and I am sure I will find tons of other uses for them as I go.

So unfurl those wipes and see what you made at the end of the day. I bet you won’t be able to just toss them out either.

Happy Creating!

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