No more fake Gelli plate for me. I got a real one for Christmas. So, of course, I couldn’t wait to play with it!!!

I used craft grade acrylics, as I have heard those work best, my home made stencils (they had their own post on December 25, 2014, “Inexpensive DIY Stencils), the back of paint brush for drawing and cut a used gift card with pinking shears to make a zig-zag tool.

It was a blast! I made all of the pages in the picture in about 2 1/2 hours and the time just flew by. I will say, it was extremely messy. I had paint all over me! But isn’t that the sign of a really good day?!

The plate and brayer cleaned easily with a baby wipe so the mess wasn’t a problem.

I previously posted my fake plate until I could a real one. The biggest differences I see are 1) the time the paint stays workable is way longer with the “real plate” and 2) the raised surface of the “real” plate makes pulling your prints easier.

I will keep my “fake” plate for bigger projects until I can get the bigger “real”plate (I got the 8×10 one), but doubt I will use it much.

This was a definite good buy!!!

And that is what’s on

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