I have told you of my longing for a Gelli Plate. Well, a little bird tells me Santa is bringing me one today. But what good is a fabulous Gelli plate if you have no stencils?! So, here is a simple project to fix that.

I can’t take credit for thinking this up. I have seen it several places. But, finally decided to try it myself. It was way easier than I thought it would be. I hope this inspires you to try it too.

The picture takes you through the process pretty well but I will do a short narrative too.

You need a piece of durable plastic. What I used was the plastic dividers for a three ring binder. They come in packs of 8-12 and we’re all less than $10. I included the two different packages I found in the pictures.

I drew directly on the dividers with a sharpie marker. Once it was dry, it was permanent. If you rub it before it is dry, it will smear.

The face was the most complex image I did. For it, I drew a face on paper, put it under the divider, and then marked on the divider just the cuts I wanted to make. Doing it this way, I could get my image and also be sure to leave my stencil connected enough to be strong.

For the circles and checkerboard, I cut an X in the center of the sections I was going to cut out and then used my fussy cut scissors to cut them out.

If you accidentally cut something you didn’t mean to, and I did, just cover the cut with clear packing tape and cut out the packing tape same as the plastic divider.

You can make whatever you can dream up.

Happy Crafting!


Mickie’s Mind