I saw the neatest thing! A journal made completely from things you would otherwise throw away. A Junk Journal. Journals for art journaling are expensive, so of course I had to try this.

First, to gather my supplies. I got a stack of file folders, some pocket folders leftover from an old business, some tri-fold ad cards leftover from the same business, some paint splattered pages, and a couple of cardboard mailers leftover from online shopping.

Next, how to assemble it. Books are assembled in sections called signatures. You just need your sheets folded in half so it makes a book look. Then stack them. I did 8 stacks with 6-8 sheets per stack. I cut them down enough that they fit inside my mailers as they would be my cover. I put the two mailers together at the flaps so they made a natural spine and reinforced that with a strip of cardboard from a another shipping box as the mailers were used and the flaps weren’t completely intact.

Step 3 was decorating it to cover the cardboard hedge-podge that made up my cover. I used two sheets of scrapbook paper to cover the inside and two sheets to cover the outside. These are the only non-trash in the whole project. To cover the spine, I used a baby wipe that I had cleaned my paintbrushes with and was dark with paint. I darkened it a little more with inks so it had a vintage look about it and glued it to my “book spine”.

Lastly, for now, was binding it. I found a simple book binding at Ephemera’s Garden (video link http://youtu.be/ABJnKBTHTY4 ). This bookbinding just takes twine and I had some in my junk drawer.

It amazes me that I now have this huge journal for the price of free. I plan to use it for art journal pages I make from Happy Mail Contents.

The pictures are how it looks right now, in its empty, waiting to be used state.

Hope you try making one of these for yourself.

Happy Creating!

Mickie’s Mind