I got my first stencil! Ok, I need to learn to read the sizes when ordering online because this thing is huge! đŸ™‚ But that means it is perfect for an intricate background, right? Right!

So I painted my background with red acrylic and dried it with my heat gun. (You will soon notice I dry everything with my heat gun because I never want to wait for anything to dry.)

Then I put my gigantic stencil down and painted green acrylic over it. Pretty simple? No! Because when I lifted my stencil it had bleed underneath. Now I know it was because I brushed across my stencil with a regular paint brush where I should have tapped with a stiff stencil brush but that didn’t clean up this mess. What to do?

Correction pen to the rescue! I had read someone else saying that for a great white accent to use a correction pen as it stays true white and covers completely. So I decided to outline my design, and thereby covering up the bleed through, with correction pen. It worked!

But the bright white against the dark red and green was a little shocking so I cut gesso with a little water to make a white wash. I painted that all over the piece to tone down my colors and . . . Ta da! I love it!

Now I have a great Christmas background. I just have to decide what to do with it.

Bonus: I took that green paint covered stencil and turned it upside down on a clean piece of paper and got a second fabulous background out of it! I just love a two-fer.

Happy crafting!


Mickie’s Mind