This is my first how-to post so I picked something super simple and super fun. Homemade washi tape.

What is washi tape? It is just a decorative tape used by paper crafters. It sells for around $2 for a very small roll and can be hard to find exactly what you want.

But for $2.97 I can make tons of those little rolls. My secret? Masking tape.

I bought I large roll of 3/4 inch masking tape for $2.97. I transformed that masking tape into my own homemade washi by decorating it.

Start by cutting lengths of masking tape the length of either a craft mat to wax paper. I tried both and they each had pros and cons. The craft mat left the tape the stickiest which is a huge bonus but it is limited as to your work surface. Most craft mats are fairly small. With the wax paper, I loved that I could control the length by just tearing off a longer piece but the wax paper did remove more of the stickiness. So, pick your poison. In the end, I decided that I preferred the craft mat.

Then decide on your background color. For this I successfully used acrylic paint, gelatos, chalk ink and StazOn ink. All of them worked wonderfully to coat the masking tape without breaking it down or destroy the glue.

Next you need to add your decorative element(s). I doodled with a sharpie, a Pitt pen and paint pens all successfully. I also used stamps and StazOn. You do have to leave the tape on the craft mat until your work is completely dry so I really liked the StazOn as it dries so quickly.

Everything I used on my masking tape worked beautifully. Once it is dry, just cut off sections to width from a wax paper cardboard roll or cover cardboard with wax paper and wind on that.

Ta-da! You have custom washi tape! Play with it! Have fun making it as well as using it. My only caution is watch how much water you apply if using gelatos as it can damage the glue on your tape.

Go forth and create!


Mickie’s Mind