Two of my loves are books and creating arts/crafts. Those two merged this weekend beautifully.

Let’s start with the book, because it came first. I read Sherrilyn Kenyon’s “Son of No One” from the Dark-Hunter series this weekend. Great book if you like books that mash together paranormal, action, monsters, and romance into one space and have it all seem perfectly natural. But what really got me was a quote at the end of the book:

“We’ll get through this. One shiny, scary Apocalypse at a time. After all, that’s what life is. Seldom do we get to ride the merry-go-round. More often than not, we’re thrown on the back of the bull right as they open the gate. All you can do, is take a deep breath, close your eyes and hold on with both hands. Either you’ll tame the beast or it’ll break you. But it’ll only break you if you let it.”

I just love that! I found myself rereading it. I even copied it out to save in my notes app. It totally fit with the book, shoot it fits the series. They go from one foretold apocalypse to the next with barely a breather. But it also is true of real life. You rush from one major life event to the next with barely a minute to breath sometimes only to realize that it all turned out however it turned out and it is no longer the scary thing on the horizon any more. Something else is. There is always the next scary thing. The next worry, problem, mountain. It made me stop for a minute and reflect on how I rush from one of these moments to the next without stopping to consider those runs aren’t my life. My life is everything else. All the little things I ignore for the big scary on the horizon. It made me pledge to myself to stop rushing towards my problems. They will get to me eventually. I need to enjoy the day to day until then.

That brings me to my second love. To remind myself of this, as well as being an exercise in enjoying the little things such as making this. I made an art journal page with that quote on it.

I hope you enjoy the quote and sentiment. I hope you enjoy my art journal page. I hope you take sometime today to do something frivolous you love, just because you love it. I hope that you don’t run towards your problems but make them work to find you.

Mickie’s Mind.