I have been thinking for awhile now about writing a blog. One of the things that held me back was choosing just one topic when I have so many varied interests. Then the answer came to me. DONT PICK JUST ONE. Simple, right? So that is my plan, no plan. I will just post on here whatever is most on my mind that day.

Like what? Well . . .

I have just started making art journal pages. That is something completely new to me so I am sure that will appear here. My love of all things crafty ensures that different craft projects and styles will be regular guests on this blog.

Cooking comes and goes from the fore front of my mind, normally as my attempts at eating healthier wane and flow. So there will probably be recipes on here from time to time. Successes and failures.

When thoughts of healthy living are active, exercise may crop up as well. But don’t worry, it never stays long.

I have beautiful, spoiled, squishy (read fat) cats that will run through this blog as they see fit. As you should already know, it is impossible to control cats. They will pop in and out randomly. When they pop in just be quiet and still ’til they move on so you don’t draw their attention. Why? Because in their world everything is either food, toy or Momma. And I am Momma so that just leaves toy or food for you.

Books are my passion. I love reading and even attempt to write one every now and then. Not that I have ever actually finished one. But expect lots of info on what I am reading and my love/ hate for it.

So that is a summary of me. If you are still reading, something must have struck a chord with you. If so, feel free to come back anytime.

Mickie’s Mind